Indonesia's 18th Asian Games venue swimming pool heat pump


Sightseeing Greenhouse

EVI (12)

The sightseeing shed is equipped with 4 sets of 52 ultra-low temperature heating and cooling units of Nulite to provide a constant temperature and comfortable environment. The height of the shed is 8 meters, the temperature can reach 22 °C, and the end is heated by a wind disk.

Hotel Project

Heating area: 30000m2

Building function: four-star hotel room, dining, swimming pool

Heat pump brand: Newthai

Heat pump model: NERS-G48KD/NERS-G40D

Quantity: 19 units

Heat pump use: 30000m2 building heating, cooling, hotel room hot water, standard swimming pool

Community matching

    The district's hardcover room is equipped with more than 1,000 sets of Polar X inverter water heater heat pumps from Nulite NEW Energy. It provides a constant temperature and comfortable hot water life for the majority of owners and enjoys a five-star hotel hot water bath at home.

Hospital project

    Hospital was founded in 1950. The whole hospital covers an area of 21026 square meters, with 25,000 square meters of business space, 1,000 open beds and 32 departments. It is a country integrating medical, teaching, scientific research and health care. Comprehensive second-class hospitals and baby-friendly hospitals are teaching practice hospitals at all levels of medical colleges in the province.

At present, the energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, safe and reliable, fully intelligent New Energy heat pump is used to provide 200 tons of domestic hot water to the hospital every day.

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